Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the AutoGlass Plus guarantee?

A: Printed on the back of all invoices is the Auto Glass Plus written warranty. We guarantee all windshield installations against leakage & stress cracks. Our business has been built on satisfied customer referrals. Auto Glass Plus is proud to provide a written warranty for all our work. We guarantee all glass installations against water and air leaks as well as stress cracks. With our exacting standards for windshield and other autoglass installations our warranty is rarely needed, but it is there as our assurance to our customers. Our business has been built on satisfied customer referrals.


Q: What does AGRSS (Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard) certification mean?

A: Not all glass installations are the same. There are short cuts and cost cutting products used by some companies that can compromise the safety & fit of your glass. AGRSS (Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard) was developed in 2002 to establish the “right way” to install auto glass. AutoGlass Plus is a registered AGRSS company, and is proud to place customer safety and quality workmanship as our first priorities. Click on the AGRSS icon for further information.


Q: Does a mobile installation compromise a safe installation?

A: Most of the time no, a safe installation can be achieved on a mobile basis. As a full service shop we can offer the convenience of a mobile installation but during the cold, rainy Northwest weather we will recommend an in shop installation to achieve the safety standards our customers have come to expect. Be wary of mobile only installers who have no choice but to mobile in all weather conditions. Our mobile service area for windshield and other autoglass replacement covers the Kitsap Peninsula from the Belfair-Allyn area through Port Orchard and Silverdale up to Kingston and Bainbridge Island.


Q: What about using my insurance?

A: When you dial the 1-800 number for auto glass claims most of the time you are not talking with your insurance company. You are calling a “network” claims processing center with their own glass shops. They will, of course, try to encourage you to schedule with them! Luckily for you, AutoGlass Plus is an insurance approved affiliate of these “networks”. (We bill at insurance approved rates using your insurance approved system) Washington State law gives you the “Right to Choose”. So when you choose Auto Glass Plus, you can be assured of our quality service within your insurance company’s quidelines. Just ask for AutoGlass Plus Bremerton 360-479-000 or AutoGlass Plus Poulsbo 360-697-5555 when it comes time to schedule your autoglass insurance claim. Easier yet! Let AutoGlass Plus conference call your windshield replacement or other glass claim into your insurance company with you!


Q: Why is a proper windshield installation so important?

A: Your windshield is a critical part of your vehicle’s safety restraint system. It does more than protect you from wind, inclement weather and debris. Your windshield keeps you safe in a rollover accident by, minimizing occupant ejection from the vehicle, preventing roof crush and supporting passenger side airbag deployment. You can be assured that AutoGlass Plus as a registered AGRSS shop will safely install your windshield!


Q: How long will it take to install my glass?

A: Most glass installation requires your car not be driven for about 2 hours total. Once the old glass has been removed and the new one set in place with urethane (the bonding agent), the car must set for an hour to allow the urethane to harden enough to meet the manufacturer’s safe drive away time. Cold weather and difficult installations can increase this time. The 1 hour cure time urethane is considerably more expensive than the more common 6-10 hour cure time urethanes, but your time and safety is our priority.


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